the infamous Midwestern subterrainean Explodebear. (hkath) wrote in dirty_shelves,
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Welcome to our storage facility.


So, Ang and I were looking at the prompts for super_fake, and although we both dug the ones we'd offered up, we realized we both have crackhead ideas that, for some reason or another, we just don't want to give up to just ANYONE. Y'know?

So this is the place for that. Put 'em on the shelf here until you have the time, entertain the rest of us with tantalizing bits and pieces, let us help you talk your ideas to death or bring them back to life. WHATEVER.

The comm is moderated for now, because a) I don't know how much it would interest anyone who isn't Ang, Jules or me, and b) this isn't exactly the place for drive-by pleas for SYTYCD AUs by strangers we never see again. It's close to that, but no. If anyone happens by and thinks they'd like to join in, I have no issues with that :)

All good?
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